The Amazing Alt

It looks like reality may strike close to home. Mrs. Alt (the lovely wife of our own BrianAlt), along with her sister, has her eye on the Amazing Race. Maybe Marji and Mike should do an Armchair Amazing Race. Either way, we know for whom we will be cheering!

Mrs. Alt and her sister.

Watch the video: [click here to watch]

Download the video: TheAmazingAlt.avi

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3 Responses to The Amazing Alt

  1. We’ll ALT be pulling for them!

  2. wyo survivor wannabe says:

    Good luck. I prefer when they use “real” people.

  3. patmor83 says:

    Thats cool brianalt good luck to them!

    Can’t wait till Survivor 9/25/08 to chat live during show again if M&M will be hosting it again.

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