2010.02.01 Survivor Heroes vs. Villains – Randy Bailey

Preview show on Survivor Heroes vs. Villains contestant Randy Bailey

Armchair Survivor memorable moment:  Surly, surly guy – we like that.  Playing the fake idol and “sharing” his cookies.
Tribe: Villains

Previous Shows: Survivor Gabon

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Podcast:  AS201001PV_Randy.mp3


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3 Responses to 2010.02.01 Survivor Heroes vs. Villains – Randy Bailey

  1. Eric J says:

    Mike, you’ve mention Russell in all of the previews. I need you to calm down a little with your man crush. I’m afraid that he will end up disappointing you. I don’t think he’ll make it too far. Putting him on a tribe labeled The Villains automatically puts him in a bad spot. He is the lone new guy and he must have been pretty good at being bad or they wouldn’t have brought him back. He’ll be sniffed out day one. Anywho, I love the previews and look forward to the new season.

  2. BrianAlt says:

    I agree about Russell. I think he could be gone first. These “all-stars” form alliances before showing up on the island. Russhole was never a part of those discussions and no one there knows who he is beyond some previews on TV.

  3. andrew says:

    I love Randy. I’ll be rooting for him. I think he’s a huge under-the-radar player. If he can keep his mouth shut he’ll make it far. I was suprised Randy actually ADMITTED to respecting a former Survivor. I’m personally a fan of Fairplay. He played a killer strategic game. The 2 of them would’ve a good duo on the villians tribe.

    Well there you go folks, those are my Survivor man crushes.

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