2010.09.29 Survivor Nicaragua – Sticking With The Plan

La Flor returns from tribal and takes it to heart that Jeff says they are a divided team – all “talk” about becoming united.  Nay thinks they are all fake as faux fur while Fabio just wants to stick around because he is funny.  Hmmm, this tribe is…  interesting.

At Espada, Marty is showing his jealousy of Jimmy J. and is getting more and more irritated that the tribe is looking only to Jimmy for leadership.  In a twist, Marty calls a team meeting and announces that he found the idol.  Marty wants to use the idol to strengthen the team and keep them together at the merge.

Challenge:  Each team will race into a field and collect 10 barrels and then return them and arrange them on platforms.  Then each team has to throw a sandbag on each barrel – first to get a bag on each barrel wins.  The challenge is for reward and immunity.  Reward is a Survivor Garden – sauces, spices, fruit, and a herb garden.  The challenge is announced and then the question is asked – will the La Flor tribe use the Medallion of Power?  If the medallion is used it means that 2 of the 10 barrels will be lined up with a sand bag.  No – La Flor thinks they can win without it.  The tribes are close as they move through the challenge but in the end La Flor wins!

La Flor carries their reward back to camp, but not before Kelly B sees where the clue is hidden, unfortunately for her, Nay also sees the clue.  At camp, Nay pushes Kelly, grabs the clue and runs with it.  The rest of the tribe doesn’t is questioning Nay’s actions.

Espada has a big decision to make – who to go at tribal.  Marty is working the team trying to get Jimmy J. to be voted off but doing so in a manner where he hopes it is their idea, “Are we sticking with the  same plan of keeping the team strong?”  The team seems to be torn between Jimmy F. and Danny.

At tribal, Jimmy J.’s honesty may have been his downfall as when asked if he was a weak player he answered that he was one of the weakest.  In the end he was voted out – good bye Jimmy J. we will miss watching you.

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Break Music:  “Still Yesterday” by Her and Kings County (with drummer Brother Love).

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3 Responses to 2010.09.29 Survivor Nicaragua – Sticking With The Plan

  1. Roxan says:

    Fun Chat last night…So sad Jimmy J is gone. Jimmy T is a jerk, Dan can hardly move and by far the better choice to go home. What’s up with Jill, thought she might be smart, Marty will burn her in a minute!
    Peace out!

  2. DoctorDoom says:

    Heh. Jeff Probst is very frustrated with Naonka and Marty. (It’s all in his latest “blog” of the show)


    I have to say that I’m not surprised to see JJ go, but feel slightly sad. But hey, at least he went out with class.

    I’m really not sure how far Marty will go. As my “allegiances” only slightly lean towards the younger tribe, I can only hope the Older tribe flames out without the coaching of JJ.

    Yeah right, like that will happen.

  3. Lotte says:

    Yes, yes, yes, two shows, anything extra, will be brilliant. London. Ontario, Canada.

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