2010.11.10 Survivor Nicaragua – Mmmmmmm Hmmmmm

The Jane and Marty feud continues this week.  Jane is ticked that Mary “attacked” her at tribal and Marty is well aware of the target on his back.

Reward Challenge – the group is randomly divided into two teams, and each team is to go through obstacles, collect three keys, open three locks and raise their flag.  First to raise the flag wins.  As luck has it the teams are divided by girls vs. guys with Chase sitting out.  Chase chooses the girls team to align with so if they win, he wins and goes on the reward trip.  This was a physical challenge – breaking through straw, sticks and brick walls (remind you of The Three Little Pigs fairy tale? (thank you Altoid)).  It was a close race but the men pull ahead and win.  Reward is a zipline, canopy tour over the jungle and bar-b-que.  They enjoy, eat, and strategize.

Immunity challenge – memories are put to the test as Jeff shows everyone a series of symbols and they repeat them to him.  You miss, you are out.  Marty and Brenda are the last two standing but Brenda wins!

Tribal council – the “plan” was to say they were voting for Nay to flush out the idol but vote Jane out.  The plan didn’t work – the idol wasn’t used and Marty was voted out.

Thank you for listening and participating this season!

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4 Responses to 2010.11.10 Survivor Nicaragua – Mmmmmmm Hmmmmm

  1. supermuffingirl says:

    NaOnka is a “humanitarian”???
    I think NaOnka is a NaOnkatarian!
    She is probably so dumb she doesn’t know what a humanitarian is. I think she meant to say she was a human being (and even that is pushing it!) and it came out wrong.
    NaOnka is also a big fat farter! Why isn’t anyone talking about this? She totally ripped one during her interview.
    She’s just gross. Whomever makes it to the final 3 is probably trying to take Na and Dan, because then it would be a sweep.

  2. DoctorDoom says:

    The best laid plans of mice and men and Marty. the small man with the big ego who wanted nothing but to win. Marty, now just a part of a lush, green landscape, just a marker on the gravestone, just a fragment of what he has deeded to himself. Marty, having been voted off off… Survivor.

    (Cue Twilight Zone ending theme)

    Marty was a fool. He deserved to get voted out.

  3. Sara says:

    Finally Marty has gone. Well at least as far as the Jury. There are some unlikable people on the show and he most certainly was one of them. If I had been there he really would have rubbed me the wrong way.

    I find myself in the strange position of occasionally liking Nay, I don’t know why or how but sometimes there are flashes of the person beneath. It strikes me that maybe she has been really hurt badly and thats why she lashes out as much as she does, especially against those she thinks are weaker than her ie Fabio.

    I still dislike Brenda and Sash, I swear Brendas skin looks more and more greasy by the show. And for all she says her and Sash run the show I think she has a rude awakening coming. And hopefully so does Sash.

    Still rooting for my boy Chase. Given that the men had Dan on their team why does going with the girls seem such a bad idea? Lets face it Dan hasn’t exactly excelled at the challenges thus far whilst on the whole the women have been pretty good at the physical stuff.

    I can see why Jane would be annoying, she became almost irrationally angry with Marty. I wonder who will incur her wrath now?

    And Benry, Benry, Benry, Benry… he annoyed me. Maybe it was his face but just something about the way he conducted himself was not quite right.

    The last word is saved for Fabio, why? Because he is quite the adorable.

  4. Quackamagooska says:

    Wow, I think this is the worst season of Survivor I’ve ever witnessed. I just don’t care about any of these people. I’m not rooting for anyone and I know I will be disappointed whomever wins. Plus you have people like Naonka-knucklehead who is clearly trying to play a role as the crazy black girl. But, because she is so stupid, she can’t even pull that off. It has been such a bad season that I haven’t been keeping up with all my fiends on Armchair. Maybe I’ll come back soon. I know you miss me.

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