06-Mar-30 Survivor Exile Island

Survivor is back from its vacation and we’re back from ours.
We’re feeling a little bit out of the loop since we didn’t get to see all of the CBS build up via commercials and other promotional vehicles.  Further more, we’ve done a week of Disney (3 days parks, 4 days cruise) so we’ve been on marketing/hype/automagic overload.  Just hours after hitting the earth in Ohio, we’re not too impressed with what Mark Burnett and Jeff Probsts has brought us this week.  Are we just tired, over loaded or was this just lame?  (I think tired was part of it because we didn’t even bother to drink).

Despite the lack of drama, there were a couple of things to discuss:

  • Should Bruce (or anyone) be ready to switch sides on a dime?
  • How weak or strong should one present himself/herself as being?  Should one fake either?

This is slightly shorter than other shows since we’ve traveled over a thousand miles and have been dragging two kids and a mother-in-law around for the since 5:00 a.m.

Check us out on BuddyTV at http://www.buddytv.com/ Thursday April 6, 2006 at 8:00 Eastern.

Item Marjorie Mike
Reward Shane Cortney
Immunity Cortney Terry
Exile Island Shane Cerie
Voted Off Austin Shane

Podcast:  tcSURV060330.mp3


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21 Responses to 06-Mar-30 Survivor Exile Island

  1. Kevin says:

    I am the only person that thinks Terry is a stupid idiot? He had a chance to cut off the head of the enemy snake and didn’t do it. How would he have? He should have let Nick with the immunity. The votes would have been 6 for Austin, and 4 for Shane. Then Terry pulls out the hidden immunity idol and boom Shane would have been gone. He is a idiot for not seeing what he could have done.

  2. Hanna says:

    Wow. I don’t think I have ever been more annoyed after watching an episode of Survivor. Remember “Scenes from the next episode” with the stretcher and the medical emergency? WHAT HAPPENED????? Bruce just got a small cut on his lip, and of course they voted out Nick, since it was his fault. Austin was an idiot to reveal his strategy. Terry shouldn’t align with Shane because Shane is an a**hole. Cirie is awesome, though.

  3. Hanna says:

    P.S. Marji, on Survivor Live Nick says that Austin and Sally may actually have something going on between them. Apparently they slept right “next” to each other every night.

  4. Ellie R, (Winson's Friend!!!) says:

    Winson, sorry i wasn’t at school today to discuss survivor first, but i wasn’t feeling very good… =( too bad i missed out on our ‘Survivor Day.’

    Ok, so I knew that the merge was coming, but i really wanted Casaya to lose on purpose and vote out Shane first. I’m righting this while listening to the podcast, so sorry if my spelling is bad =.)

    Obviously Cirie was gone in the challenge first, but i was surprised that the Casaya gang didn’t try to hang in their for longer so that they could (attempt) to vote out Terry. That was just stupid because Courtney and Aras are yoga-y people who could have lasted longer.

    Marjie and Mike, anyone who’s taken gymnastics or dance lessons as a little kid could hang upside-down by their legs like Courtney. I can do it (well, i take dance lessons 9 hours a week =.)) but… that would actually probably be the most comfy possition (in my oppinion).

    I’d heard about the Bruce accident, but that was weird… is he gonna get de-hydrated and be the medical emergency? Or does Shane go and whack Danielle’s head off…

    I still don’t get why the girls dont kick the guys butts! Argh! Where’d the girl powa go???

    I agree with Hannah about the Austin+Sally thing… maybe a little alliance thingy if Sally goes to a girls alliance?

    Austin was stupid to tell them about his ‘be weak’ strategy. Also, Terry was stupid in next weeks preview to tell courtney that he’ll give her his immunity idol.

    Also, if you guys watch the trailer with the ‘medical emergency,’ the two guys carrying the front of the litter were Shane and (Aras?), two guys without their shirts off and buffs around their heads…

    medical emergency- Sally or Danielle (stomach issue)
    reward- Austin, takes Sally
    immunity- Terry (why else will he be offering around the immunity idol, maybe the one he’s talking about is the one around his neck… ?)
    exile island?- Terry or Austin

    coolio, thanks for the podcast


    ps to winson: haha, i posted before you =.) lol

  5. Ellie R says:

    Oops! I forgot to say, but I think that the Car Challenge is comming up… not next week, but the week after next… YAY! curse of the car? If Terry wins the car, and they vote him off but he uses the idol, they’ll all be hella pissed =.)

  6. Ellie R says:

    Also, when’s the auction challenge? They usually have it right after the merge, the car is then the next episode.

  7. Marji C says:

    Kevin – good point!! We didn’t think of that strategy! Obviously Terry is too selfish and didn’t play that card. I have to hand it to the guy – he is playing the game well but I don’t know if he deserves all the praise he is getting from his teammates. He is proving that loyalties are second to HIM winning.

    I’m guessing that the auction challenge will be in the next 2 weeks and the car challenge will be later (usually when there are 5 people or so left). Maybe this time instead of cars CBS will give away stretchers and THAT is why they were showing them for the promos last week :- ) Though I’m still hoping for Ellie’s theory to come true where Shane goes wild and chops off Danielle’s head – or Danielle can get Shane – either one can go!

    Hanna – NOOOOOOO it can’t be true that Austin and Sally are hooking up (sniffle, sniffle). Actually they seem like they would be cute together (as long as she takes off those long socks!!).

  8. Yeah Kevin, I think Terry’s game has gone to his head. He’s thinking with his ego a bit too much. Bad sign.

  9. Slappy McGee says:

    Kevin — I was SCREAMING at my television for Terry to be SMART and use the Immunity Idol to get rid of Shane. It was the RIGHT time to do it! That would have shifted the numbers from 6 to 4 and made them 5 to 4… and I bet you then he could have swayed BRUCE over to his side at that point.

    As good a player as Terry is… he is NOT good at the strategy part of the game. His immunity idol is only gonna save him ONCE and then he’ll be back to having to win immunity to save himself. UNLESS he has the numbers on his side… which he screwed up but not taking advantage of this immunity idol switcheroo when the numbers were still close. Now he’s got an uphill battle. I doubt he’ll win immunity every time, and when he doesn’t (after he’s used the idol once) – he’s gone.

    Dumb play. If he gets voted off, it’s his own fault now.

    What the hell was he thinking about when he revealed his “weakness” trickery? Oh yeah. Sally’s boobs.
    Okay, so whatever, Austin. Maybe you’ll be able to write a good book out of this ordeal.

    I agree with Marji and Michael about Casaya’s pompousness in the challenge. Courtney and Aras dropped out because they had no WILL to win. They just assumed that they didn’t NEED immunity. (and turned out to be right – dammit, I wish Terry had half a brain for game strategy. Sheesh! I would have LOVED for them to have to TRY over the next few weeks because they were being FORCED to compete. Stupid Terry.)

    I also wish to god that Jeff would have offered Shane a cigarette if he could have hung on that bar for 5 hours or something. Now THAT would have been entertainment!!!

  10. soneil says:

    Wow, from what Kevin says, Terry really missed a trick.

    I just thought it was funny when Terry was pitching the flop to Cyrie–I mean, it just sounded so lame pitching someone two weeks of immunity when they already ostensibly had four in their pocket. I’m surprised Cyrie didn’t just fall over laughing.

    I also liked the opening when Shane made Courtney sleep in the rain. I had to explain to my mother-in-common-law who was watching for the first time that Courtney was a “fire dancer” BEFORE she joined the tribe.

  11. Sharkey says:

    Hey guys. Maybe when Terry couldn’t sway anyone over to his side, he decided to let Casaya eliminate someone for him. Is it possible Terry wanted a way to get rid of Nick or Austin without having to appear as a traitor? From next weeks promo, Terry starts to shake things up a little with the idol. I know the promos are full of crap, but maybe Terry felt this was time to let a strong rival be sent home.

    I think you’re right about it being a weak attempt to flip anybody. At least tell Bruce that you will keep him longer than Sally. All you had to do is stroke that ego of Bruce’s. My God, I have never seen anybody puff up so much after being sucked up to. He must have taken a few nunchuks to the head in his day.

    BAD MOVE Austin! If your’e going to appear weak, than appear weak. DON’T tell everyone that this was you’re stratagy. Did you see their faces at tribal council when he said this? If they had time to confer, they would have switched their vote to Austin right there. Maybe his new strategy is to appear retarded! Sorry Marji.

  12. John says:

    Hey guys,

    First off…..Welcome back! Now about the show…. I don’t think your vacation had anything to do with the fact you thought this episode was lame. It didn’t do much for me either.

    Could Terri have seemed any more desperate? Was there anyone he didn’t try to align with? I agree with Marji, he went about it all wrong. He tried to act like he was doing them a favor when everyone knew Terri, Nick, Austin, & Sally were in the hot spot.

    I also have to agree with Kevin, Terri could have even the numbers out a bit if he would have let Nick win immunity and then when they tried to Vote him off he could have pulled the immunity idol and Shane’s crazy ass would have been gone. No, he saves the idol, lets nick get voted off and then next week goes to Courtney and tells her he has the idol. COURTNEY!!!!! The second biggest freak out there!!!! Terri is either a dumb ass or a firkin genius and I’m just to stupid to see were he is going with this. The only place I can see him going is home!

    You asked if we think anyone should switch on a dime….I think Bruce and Cirie should have bailed the first chance they had! I can’t believe that the dysfunctional freak show known, as Casaya is now all of a sudden a tight knit alliance.

    I also can’t figure out why Austin would loose the immunity challenge so the others would think he is weaker than he is and then go into tribal council and explain why he did it. Marji, I understand you think he’s hot and I understand you want him to win because you have him in the office poll but you can’t honestly say you think that was a good strategy. I think it was a good idea, but once you tell everyone that’s what you are doing it defeats the whole purpus!

  13. Hanna says:

    Yesterday, someone pointed out to me that at the beginning of the season, Jeff says, “EADCH WEEK there will be ONE OR MORE Survivor sent to Exile Island.”

    Well, that adds another disappointment to this last episode; we didn’t see anyone sent to exile.

    However, on the CBS site, it says that next week, TWO people will be sent to exile and form a “bond”.

    I think it is Terry and Sally. Remember in the scenes from the next episode when he is telling her he has the idol? That could be on exile island.


  14. GoHskrs says:

    Slappy – Sally has boobs? Maybe I need to upgrade to high-definition TV, ’cause I’m not seeing anything … 8^)

    I guess I’m misunderstanding the hidden immunity idol rule — I thought, if Terry was going to give it to someone, he had to do it prior to tribal council. The comments above imply that he could have transferred it to Nick after the vote. (I don’t recall, but I don’t think Jeff gave Terry that option.)

    Agree with the consensus that Shane should be disposed of, by any means necessary, soon. The dude, with the tattoos and the stringy appearance, reminds me too much of “Tommy Lee Goes to College”. (Which, as you can tell by my nickname, was filmed at my alma mater … 8^)

  15. GoHskrs, at least Tommy Lee got to tap Pam Anderson, Shane is just the big dick.

    Hanna: you may have a point there about Terry and Courney but this goes back to John’ point about Terry being stupid because if he were on the island with Courtney, he probably forgot he could ACT like he was looking for the idol.

  16. Slappy McGee says:


    I guess GoHskrs is right. Austin has bigger boobs than Sally. Ah well, I just have Danielle on the brain.


  17. Winson L. says:

    OMG That episode was so bad I am not going to say anything. :)

  18. Winson L. says:

    Oh fine, I will. Let’s see if I remember!

    OMG Terry why do I hate you so much? You are like the most Tom-like person ever. The bully of the group, scrambling. I will now call you Not-Terrific. That was corny.

    Anywho, why didn’t he use the friking immunity idol? Nick would have been saved and the Casaya six would be dismantled, and Ellie would be happy. Geesh I thought you had a tight alliance! Well, let’s see your boy’s group is out!

    GO CIRIE! Way to stick to the salesman! Not-Terrific can’t sell anything. CIRIEOWNAGE all the way. Also, if you hate leaves so much…why were you sucking water off of them? Huh? I’m still your biggest fan anyway CIRIE!!!!

    Shane, captain obvious. Making La Mina feel bad…actually I like it, except for Sally. She is a good person. I like her too. Oh yeah. I think you ARE THE MOST OUTSPOKEN TO JEFF PROBST. Let’s see how many times you have talked to Probst when he did not even talk to you! HAHHAHAHA I like you too, just “Not in a homosexual way” as Rudy would say.

    Great the worst SURVIVOR episode ever. Ugh it sucks. The SURVIVOR SUCKS forum is so funny, and it is not a bashing site.

    P.S. Slappy, Austin has a bigger brain! And a hope to get close to Sally. Yes…mmm Danielle’s what if she wins? We have Danni and Dannielle like on The Amazing Race! Wait Cirie’s are soo huge! This was pointed out by my cousin who watched the show and said, “HOLY SH!T! THOSE ARE HUGE!”.

  19. Winson L. For got to put "Ellies!!!!Friend!!!!" says:

    My predictions:
    Rewarded:Aras, wow can’t believe he didn’t win the IC. Shouldn’t he be doing A WHOLE F*** LOAD OF YOGA?
    Immunityed: Shane
    Exile WhyBotherLanded:Cirie and Terry
    Voted-Offed: Shane. Or Outstin, Osten, Austin.

  20. Winson L. For got to put says:

    Omg I am overposting again, yay I’m Scout!! woot!

    OUSTIN SUCKS! Sorry Marji, I don’t think he is playing the game well. Have you read his book about this man who is trying to find himself? psssshaaaright!

  21. Slappy McGee says:


    Shane wins reward as it will contain nicotine-laced papayas.
    Terry wins immunity and once again fucks up his strategy.
    Sally wins Austin’s heart and then promptly boots his ass off the island along with the rest of them motherscratchers.

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