2011.04.18 Redemption Island – The Other Inmates Take Over The Asylm

Mike was out being a Princess — OK, Gabrielle was the Indian Princess and Mike was a Brave Dad — but nonetheless, we couldn’t do the show this week.  So what did we do?  We turned it over to you.  Before you even take a listen, here are a a couple of letters we got.

Old Business
Holly wrote,

Just wanted to tell you that Russell (Mike’s Russell) is part of raising money for “give kids the world.” Here is the link for it. Give Kids the World is a wonderful organization near Orlando Florida. http://www.disunplugged.com/2011/04/12/survivors-villain-russell-hantz-talks-give-kids-the-world/#more-22936

New Business
Kari wrote,

Hi Marji! Hi Michael!

This is Kari. I tried calling in for the very first time, but the mailbox was full! So instead I am writing you for the very first time!

I am liking this season well enough, but I am not interested at all in a Pagonging. I hate when the other tribe is just picked off one by one. I started cheering for Zapotera ever since they got rid of He Who Shall Not Be Named (sorry Michael). And I kept hoping that they were going to get out Boston Rob next (sorry Marji).

I really thought that Mike and Dave were on to something in this last episode with the digging around the flag. Did you see Rob’s Mob run over there to check up on them?! My goodness…The Robfather is paranoid as hell!!! Zapotera was stupid not to take advantage of that. What they should have done is take some of the paper that Mike used to write a love letter to Matty and write a fake clue. Wander around with the rest of your tribe digging and looking up and all around.

If the first all-stars was any indication, Boston Rob becomes so paranoid post merge. He’s getting more of an ego and cockier then ever before too. Prey on his paranoia. Make him think you could have an idol. Make him split the vote. That guy looooooves to split the vote. At the very least The Boston Rob Family Crime Syndicate could easily be worn out with running after you and digging. I think that was Zapotera’s move to make!

I think Julie is the only person left in Zapotera who has any ability whatsoever to save herself. Steve is too pathetic and Ralph is too incomprehensible to even try to talk his way out of this. That scene with Ashley was painful….

So I’m stuck cheering for Julie and that sweet hunk of man Grant. Sigh. I don’t think he has a shot but damn is he gorgeous.

Also, Marji, I think you are wonderful, you stop Michael from playing banjo music and for that I thank you dearly. But I’m sorry to inform you that I’m a diehard White Sox fan. You guys may be sitting on top of the Central now, but we are not far behind and we are coming to get you!!!! Go White Sox!

Hope you guys had a great weekend. Thanks for making such an awesome and fun show. Later!


…and by the way, we finally got the voice mail fixed.

Thanx for all of your hard work.  We’ll be back Wednesday.



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10 Responses to 2011.04.18 Redemption Island – The Other Inmates Take Over The Asylm

  1. Karen says:

    I’m about half way through and I am laughing and blushing. I’m not used to all this attention. Thanks everyone!!!!

  2. Kiwi Scott says:

    Oh dear… I really lost my mind this week with these call ins… 😉

    All except the first one… maybe I’ll keep it going, so we can be introduced to some of the players on Dan’s Technological Bullshit tribe.

    Dan gunned down my kiwis… oh dear lord no!! You will pay for this!!

    Karen… now you now what it’s like to get anesthetized compliments from a New Zealander. 😉

  3. Kiwi Scott says:

    Dan… I don’t quite agree with your scenario about Rob going down… that would involve the other players having a brain, independance and guile. I dont give them credit for even one of those three things. 😛

    • Dan Goldblatt says:

      I don’t know about that…If Mike is the one who gets back in the game I can see him selling the others on how Rob needs to go ASAP. But if Dave or Matt come back its Rob’s game to lose. Everything hinges on Philip because if he does pull the race card as the previews show, Rob has to decide if keeping him is worth the risk of really pissing everyone off or get rid of the loose cannon and make the others happy. Philip would be the best choice for Rob to take to the finals with him if his racial rant is as powerful as it seems in the preview. But if Rob sticks his neck out for the sake of trying to protect Philip it could end in disaster for him. I think Julie will go before Steve because Steve hasn’t been outspoken about Rob’s domination. Julie is more threatening because she can say something smug at just the right time and plant a seed in the heads of the others.

  4. Kiwi Scott says:

    Most subtle yet one of the most entertaining moments of the episode…

    Karen’s cat!!!

    • Karen says:

      I’m still hoping that Grant or someone wises up and tries to get rid of Rob. I love Rob but would love to see the others take action against his domination.
      Do we know when someone will come back into the game? It seems strange with 3 at Redemption Island. Unless there is always going to be 3 at the RI challenge until the end. I am so confused.

      Scott, I’m glad you enjoyed my cat. She always “talks” when I am on the phone.

  5. Marji says:

    You guys were brilliant!!! Nice work on the show.

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