2016-09-25 — Gen-Xers And Millennials

Survivor on CBS television starts it’s 33rd season and Marji & Mike are back to provide commentary.  Since this is the first show of the season we discussed the premise of this season’s game:  The Millennials generations compared to Generation X.

Since Mark Burnett is all powerful, he has changed the global thresholds for when these generations begin and end (or casting just couldn’t get enough of Paul Watcher) and with that the new generation limits are these:

Millennials:  1984-1997
Gen X:  1963-1983

This new set of date ranges takes Mike out of the late Baby Boomer an into Generation X where Marji once stood alone and probably with or closer to most of you.

Speaking of the (almost) all powerful Mark Burnett, we did find the one thing that he is not able to control:  a cyclone.  Keep in mind, he was even able to control (read, “fire”) Donald Trump; but Mark had to run from the cyclone.  Despite his turing tail and hiding, we still hold him in pretty high regard.

The rest is in our podcast.  Take a listen and then comment in the area below.  See you next week!