2016-12-18 — Survivor Finale

And from the remaining three emerged one Sole Survivor – Adam!

We have enjoyed this season’s theme and dream about what Survivor tribe we would be on.  Parents vs People without kids, Process Minded vs Creative Minded, Rich vs Poor – what would your tribe be?

Dealing with and understanding anxiety can be a benefit of being on Survivor.  One is thrown into a situation where he/she is one of a special select few but then all comforts and safety nets are gone too so it is a good time to learn to grow through issues and anxieties.  What other situations have you been in which have helped with social anxieties?

Final game play – Sunday, Brett, David and Jay’s strategies were unique and interesting but it was Adam, Hanna and Ken who had strategies that got them to the final three.

Next Survivor – Game Changers.  Hmmm, we have really enjoyed this season and the newness and uniqueness of the players, the simplicity of the game, and the challenges.   The next season brings back only returning players – I hope they have thought up something new for this already used format.

Tell us what you think about the show, this season, the upcoming season, and what Survivor match ups you would like to see.

Thank you all for listening, participating and being involved in Armchair Survivor.  We appreciate all of you.  Happy Holidays to all!

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