2015.04.26 Worlds Apart – 180 Degrees

One of our favorites starts the show – Survivor Auction, now known fondly as Trader Jeff’s.  Will is the first to bid on an item and “buys himself out of the auction”.  He is sent back to camp but finds a treasure there – extra rations!  The rest of the survivors are still bidding on items and some buy food but others are just waiting to bid on an advantage in the game.  Jeff throws in a twist and brings out the letters from home.  The group decides that they will all buy the letters and they do except…. Mike!  The group shames Mike and he does end up buying his letter.  Then in a bid for the advantage item Mike, Dan and Carolyn draw rocks and Dan wins.

Back at camp Will greets them by sharing his rations.  Mike outs the alliance of Carolyn, Rodney, Tyler and  Will but the group just wants to read their letters.  Rumors start that Will didn’t share all his rations which infuriates him and he goes off on Shirin.  Will was so brutal and mean with his words and was really out of line.  Mike pulls Shirin out of the situation but Will won’t stop his tirade.

Immunity Challenge – each person will use tongs to carry a ball across a teeter-totter and place on a stand – first to get all the balls on the stand wins.  But first Will isn’t doing so well – he asks Jeff if he sit out of the challenge and get his letter from home instead of competing.  Jeff agrees IF everyone else agrees – Shirin doesn’t agree so Will gets to compete.  The race is close and Mike WINS!

Back at camp the race is on for Mike to sway Dan to come out of the 4+2 person alliance over the three person alliance with him.  It doesn’t work and in the end Jenn is voted out.

What twists this show brought!  Tell us what you think by calling 234/525-1549, commenting on this blog and sending us an email to show@armchairsurvivor.com


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2015.04.12 Worlds Apart – Bats In …

Since Marji is doing Mom Duty and Mike can’t be trusted to be fair when doing the show alone, Mike’s second Armchair Survivor wife, Conchita, discuss the latest on Survivor.  Marji should be back next week.

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2015.03.27 Worlds Apart – I Screwed Up

The new tribes are bonding and getting to know each other – making it better for some and not so much for others.

Reward Challenge – Each team races up a tower and then goes through several obstacles.  At the end they launch sandbags trying to hit targets.  First to hit all targets WINS!  The race is close but Nagarote wins!!  The  challenge was fun to watch but the reward was so the best!  The tribe will enjoy a hearty dinner and then go out in the night and watch turtles migrating back to the beach where they were born to lay their eggs.

Around the Escameca camp the team is analyzing and strategizing – a few players feel it is time to throw a challenge and get Joe out….

Immunity Challenge – A member from each team is shown a series of items in a specific order and then must recreate that.  Teams are tied and it is up to Kelly vs. Mike.  Mike puts on an academy winner acting performance all the while not only telling Kelly he is letting her win but helping her place her objects in the right order.  Nagarote wins!

Tribal council – the power-bromance couple of Rodney and Joaquin are very strong, Sierra is on the fence still frustrated with her old tribe for “yelling at her”, Joe is sitting all alone it seems, and Mike is continuing to get Sierra to keep Blue strong.  In the end Joaquin is blindsided (though I do wonder who was really more shocked and saddened Joaquin or Rodney) and sent home.

Tell us how you think this season is going – call us at 234-525-1549, email us at show@armchairsurvivor.com and leave your comments below on this blog entry.

Thank you for listening and all of your support.

Mike was in the You People production video “Law & Order – Josh Gordon Appeals Suspension (parody)”.  Despite what it looks like, he did not use any illegal substance (even in Ohio) during the making of this video.

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2015.03.18 Worlds Apart – Winner, Winner NO Chicken Dinner

Two Hours of Survivor fun!

Reward Challenge – Each tribe has one caller who verbally leads each blindfolded duo around obstacles to collect 4 items and the team flag. After gathering each item they must put it on a platform and raise it up to the caller in the tower. The teams are evenly matched and the challenge going well and then… the platform comes flying down and hits Kelly smack on the head. Blood pours out from the blindfold/buff and medics are called in. Medics patch her up and the challenge continues. Red Collar tribe wins, White Collar tribe and comes in second. Winner takes home 3 hens and a rooster, 2nd place takes home 10 eggs. Kelly then goes to get 6 stitches.

Chicken dinner then for Will’s birthday – Jenn though is a winner, winner because of no chicken dinner. She doesn’t eat meat so while the tribe was feasting she found a hidden immunity idol.

Immunity Challenge – each tribe mate must move through challenges while attached to a rope. Once all tribe mates get through the team grabs a bag of balls and must move a ball up a wall and into the top hole. Winner – No Collar, 2nd Place – White Collar. Blue Collar gets a date with Jeff at tribal.

Tribal – Rodney and Lindsey are just not getting along – as Rodney says “Like chicken parm and tuna fish it just don’t taste good” – that is the way we are. Tribal votes went 2 votes Rodney, 2 votes Lindsey, 2 votes Sierra. Second round of votes and Lindsey is sent home.

The tribes gather for the next challenge and are greeted with Jeff’s famous phrase “Drop your buffs”. We have two new tribes. Blue / Escameca Tribe – Dan, Sierra, Rodney, Mike, Tyler, Joaquin and Joe. Red / Nagarote – Matt, Will, Hayley, Jenn, Carolyn, Shirin, and Kelly.

Reward Challenge – Teams will launch balls onto the beach and first tribe to catch five balls wins. Escameca wins and takes home kitchen supplies, sausage and all the winnings from the White, No Collar tribe.

The teams then try to get to know each other – Dan tries to apologize to Sierra but it doesn’t go well, Max gets stung by stingrays, Shirin is talking, talking and talking some more.

Immunity Challenge – 2 people from each tribe put pots on a sled and drag it through mud and obstacles and then place the pots on stands. When all the pots are in place the team then using a wrecking ball to knock them all down. Escameca dominated the challenge and easily won.

Will old alliances stay together with their votes or is it time for a blindside?

Tribal – It is a blindside – Will gets two votes and Max is sent home getting all the remaining votes.

What do you think of the new tribes? Do you think the Nagarote tribe has a chance? Who is your favorite player? Call and leave your comments at 234-525-1549, email us at show@armchairsurvivor.com, and put your comments here on the blog.


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2015.03.15 Worlds Apart – Too Much Strategy

Nina is still struggling to fit in with her tribe, Dan continues to work but thinks others are not working as hard as he, and the No Collars / Red tribe are body surfing.

Challenge:  Fill a hole-filled bucket with water, carry the bucket through different obstacles, and then empty the water into another bucket and when enough water is in that bucket to tip the scale a flag will be raised and that team wns.  What are the stakes?  1st place team takes back ultimate (in Survivor words) comfort – chairs, tarp and rope, 2nd place brings home a tarp.  Teams begin and Red / No Collar has a ‘different’ stragey leave Nina out and try to win it on their own.  Blue Collars easily wins, White Collars come in second and Red Collars and their flawed approach are last and have another date with Jeff at tribal.

Tribal:  Well even though Will didn’t perform well at the last two challenges it is clear that Nina is not fiting in with the group and might actually be closer to a White Collar than a No Collar.  In the end Nina is sent home and the tribe is sent back to camp with the message to get-it-together.

Great feedback this week with Kiwi, Conchita and Bob!.  And, new post by Karen – check it out.

Thank you all for listening and supporting us.

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