2014.04.20 Cagayan – When To Kiss Ass And When To Kick Ass

Back from tribal and Tony is getting paranoid that votes are going to him…

Reward Challenge – The group is divided into three teams where they will complete by throwing a rope through a ring to release sand bags.  Then they will throw the sand bags through a rope tunnel and finally bounce the bags off a trampoline into baskets.  First to get the bags in the baskets wins.  Teams are – Spencer, Tony & Jeremiah – Jefra, Trish & LJ – Kass, Woo & Tasha.  It is a close race but Tony’s talent for bouncing the bags off of the trampoline brings them the win.  Reward is the spa treatment – a shower, massage and lunch.  Spencer, Tony and Jeremiah enjoy the reward and talk strategy.

Immunity Challenge – Time to test your memory – Jeff shows a series of color tiles and the players have to remember the order.  Close race at the end with LJ, Tasha and Tony but Tasha gets the right color and WINS!

Tribal Council – Will the six stay strong, will someone jump over to the other side?  Jump ropes were out and Tony and Woo voted with Tasha, Jeremiah and Spencer and LJ was sent home.

Thank you all!  Please continue to call in and tell us what you think of this season.

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2014.04.13 Cagayan – The Greatest Reward Ever?

Back at camp after Kass flipped and betrayed her alliance and Kass is “letting” her old alliance be mad, while asking her new group to help and keep her around.

Reward Challenge – The group is divided into two teams and then they race through an obstacle course and then untie a chest that they then drag to a tower.  All players need to race up the tower, drag the chest up the tower, solve a puzzle and then open the chest and use the item in the chest for the final piece of the puzzle.  It is a close race but in the end the team of Morgan, Spencer, LJ, Jeremiah and Jefra win!  It is the biggest reward of the season – a trip to Survivor-Style Outback Steakhouse (yes, Marji’s eyes are rolling).

At the reward after Spencer has stuffed himself he reaches for his napkin and out drops a note/clue.  He hides it and waits until he is back in camp to read.

Let the search begin – Spencer goes for a “walk” but Woo follows and takes Spencer’s clue.  Chaos!  All are looking for the idol but karma is involved – Spencer finds the idol whil Kass is next to him but is oblivious.

Immunity Challenge – each player balances on his/her toes with a block on his/her head against a frame.  Seems simple but not easy.  After 1 1/2 hours it is down to Tasha and Spencer and Spencer wins!

Tribal Council – Morgan admits she is use to being taken care of and is clear if one is to choose between ugly and cute, most would pick cute (yes, Mike’s eyes are rolling).  Even with her statement that she will (not just will try) work more at camp it isn’t enough to sway Kass and Morgan is sent to the Ponderosa.

Okay, please help!  Did Woo “steal” the clue?  Why was that allowed under Survivor rules?  Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts.

Can’t wait to see what happens next…..

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2014.04.06 Cagayan – The Vote Is Alive

Tree mail brings news of a merge!  The tribes combine and they enjoy a feast and discussions trying to determine where everyone’s alliances lie.

Sarah is in the middlle – with her old Aparri tribe which have the numbers over the other tribe but Sarah was once one of the other group so Tony is hoping she will flip back with them.  Kass and Sarah are arguing and Tasha works to be the mediator with the goal of keeping the group and alliance strong.

Immunity Challenge – Each player balances on a triangular platform floating in the ocean.  After each fifteen minutes the player moves up to the platform until he/she is on the top.  Last one standing wins.  All players stay steady until they reach the top of the platform and then when the wind picks up all fall with only Tony and Woo holding strong.  Tony then falls and Woo wins the first individual immunity.

Back at camp – discussions of who should go are the hot topic – everyone has an opinion but it appears that the group is deferring to Sarah and they will vote out Tony.  The other alliance is planning to cast votes for Sarah.  Kass is feeling left out and Trish feeds on that and tries to pull her to their side.

Tribal – When the mention of idols comes up Jeff opens up a can of dynamite.  Tony admits yes, there are idols, yes, he has one and yes, it will be used for his tribe.  The votes are cast and Tony stands and uses his idol for… LJ.  Not to let the other group win, LJ then shocks the crowd and stands and uses his idol for Tony.  The votes are read and they go to Sarah and Jefra.  Down to the last vote and Sarah is sent home.  Spencer’s look of pure shock and frustration comes through and his comment “Kass, Zero chance of winning the game!” is clearly heard.

What will happen next week?

Thank you all for joining us for such a great season of Survivor!

Southpark Episode:  Professor Chaos

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2014.03.30 – Cagayan – The Handwriting On The Beach

Solana comes back to camp after voting out Cliff and Trish confronts / attacks Lindsey.  Lindsey walks away from the camp and Trish’s harsh words and calls for Jeff.  Lindsey then “walks away” from the game – she needs the $1 million dollars but it isn’t worth her flipping out.

Reward Challenge – A player from each tribe enters the ring and tries to hold on to his/her idol while the other person tries to knock it out of his/her hand.  It is close but Solana wins!  The win a “camp raid” so Tony and Woo head over to Aparri and take the luxury items and fishing gear.  Crafty Tony adds to the drama and while he and Woo are given a clue to their idol, he turns it around and tells the Aparri tribe that the clue is to be given to one person from their tribe and they choose Jeremiah to receive it.

As we have learned  – finding the hidden idol is a huge advantage in the game, but being publically given an idol clue is a disadvantage.  Jeremiah though realizes that the clue is the same one as he has seen before and is applicable to the Solana tribe but has to convince the others of this.

Back at Solana it is interesting – Tony tells of he and Woo’s trick, then proceeds to confess that he is a police officer not a construction worker.  As JT put it “To prove he is trustworthy he tells us he was lying”.  Hmmm?

Immunity – A big challenge where each tribe uses wooden poles to buid a staircase, then they go through a bamboo maze, after that one person moves a key that is attached to a rope through a maze and then use that key to unlock a machetti which is used to cut through a rope which will drop puzzle pieces.  Next, they must solve the puzzle which will reveal 3 numbers which will be used to open a combination lock and raise the team flag.  Wow!  In the end Solana wins again!  The chant of “Final 5!, Final 5!” rings through the air.

Tribal – The Brains seem to be in a great position, their alliance is strong and the Beauty group has cracks.  The decision boils down to who will flip at the merge – Alexis or Jeremiah?  The vote happens and Alexis is sent home.

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2014.03.23 Cagayan – Drop Your Buffs

And the three become two – Brains, Brawn, and Beauty merge and become Aparri (Orange) and Solana (Purple).

Aparri – Alexis, Kass, Spencer, Sarah, Morgan, Jeremiah and Tasha

Solana – Tony, Woo, Cliff, Lindsey, Trish, Jethra and LJ

Reward Challenge – One person holds onto a pole while 2 members from the other tribe try to pull them from the pole and drag them across the finish line.  A rather brutal challenge but Solona WINS!  Solona brings home the reward of coffee, doughnuts, brownies and cookies.

Immunity Challenge- Each tribe uses a log to smalsh through 2 walls and then move the log through a puzzle maze.  Brawn and brains are needed.  Close race and Aparri WINS!

Should LJ go and the original 5 Brawns keep the “numbers”, or should Cliff go so they get rid of a big threat?

Tribal – You need numbers on your side but only numbers that benefit you.  Brawn divides and Cliff is sent home.

Thank you for listening.  We look forward to hearing your comments on this week’s Survivor so call us at 234-525-1549!!



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