2014.11.16 San Juan Del Sur – Farting At The Hilton

Marji and Mike discuss the different aspects of why THIS “Blood -vs- Water” is a good season or not.  Does having loved ones on board bring out yucky stuff?  Should un-married couples be allowed to be “couples” on the show?  Is it OK to fart at the Hilton?

Watch Survivor and comment on our web site or on our voice mail (234-525-1549).

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2014.11.02 San Juan Del Sur – The Power In Couples

Mike is doing the show solo and outside in the elements with only one piece of Halloween candy on which to survive — but the show must go on.

Now that there are no celebrities and there are still couples left in the game do you think being a couple can be beneficial to others enough for others to keep around?  Listen.  Share.  Feedback.  Then, watch more Survivor on CBS.

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2014.10.26 San Juan Del Sur – Parenting In Survivor

If you were on Survivor Blood -vs- Water, all else being equal, would you vote out a parent or a kid from a couple?  Why?

Marji and Mike discuss this and other pressing social issues having to do with Survivor.  We take your calls, too.

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2014.10.19 San Juan Del Sur – Cutting The Dead Weight

One of the Survivors had a grand strategy to get rid of the dead weight in the tribe.  He even threw the challenge.  Find out what happened and what we thought of it.

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2014.10.12 San Juan Del Sur – The Lion Lies Down With The Lamb And The Fireman And The Gay Guy From Broadway

Dispite some rather tenuous moments, in the end, this week showed a lot of tender humanitarian moments.  Too bad they almost had to rip skin off people’s bodies to get there.

Marji and Mike are back in the studio again discussing the past two weeks of Survivor.  If you’d like to join the conversation next week call us after Survivor airs in your time zone all of the way up to midnight Friday and we’ll play your call and then comment on it.

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