2014.05.25 Cagayan – Season Finale

It’s our Survivor Cagayan – Brains, Brawn and Beauty season finale.  Thank you so much for another great seasons!  We love you all!

- Marji and Mike

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2014.05.18 Cagayan – Who Is With Whom?

Nick is in for Marji as we discuss this weeks episode as this season of Survivor is getting ready to draw to a close.  Even this late in the game it’s difficult to comprehend who is with whom — for real, that is.

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2014.05.11 Cagayan – Who Do You Like?

We missed all of you in our absence!  We talk about the latest Survivor episode with these highlights:

* Kass vs. Tony – are they both playing the same game and angry over the same things?

* Reward – how amazing was that?

* Woo – as a person he seems amazing as a Player Mike loves his game, Marji questions it.

* Immunity Challenge – was it a lame counting game or a nice twist on challenging one’s mental exhaustion while entertaining the audience?

* Great calls!

* If the last two players were Tony and Spencer who would you vote to win?

Your turn – we had an opinion now what is yours?

Thank you all for listening and supporting us especially with this hectic season!

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2014.04.27, 2014.05.04 Cagayan – Camping

Hello Armchair Survivor Fans.  It’s that time of year again where Mike camps with the kids for Indian Princesses and Indian Guides.  This year the spring camps are back to back.  Also, our weeks are so crammed with with spring school and extracurricular activities that we have not been able to do any shows during the week either.  We’ll be back the on 5/11/2014.

Keep the calls coming — well play them ALL on the 11th.  Talk to ya then!

Marji and Mike

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2014.04.20 Cagayan – When To Kiss Ass And When To Kick Ass

Back from tribal and Tony is getting paranoid that votes are going to him…

Reward Challenge – The group is divided into three teams where they will complete by throwing a rope through a ring to release sand bags.  Then they will throw the sand bags through a rope tunnel and finally bounce the bags off a trampoline into baskets.  First to get the bags in the baskets wins.  Teams are – Spencer, Tony & Jeremiah – Jefra, Trish & LJ – Kass, Woo & Tasha.  It is a close race but Tony’s talent for bouncing the bags off of the trampoline brings them the win.  Reward is the spa treatment – a shower, massage and lunch.  Spencer, Tony and Jeremiah enjoy the reward and talk strategy.

Immunity Challenge – Time to test your memory – Jeff shows a series of color tiles and the players have to remember the order.  Close race at the end with LJ, Tasha and Tony but Tasha gets the right color and WINS!

Tribal Council – Will the six stay strong, will someone jump over to the other side?  Jump ropes were out and Tony and Woo voted with Tasha, Jeremiah and Spencer and LJ was sent home.

Thank you all!  Please continue to call in and tell us what you think of this season.

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