2015.03.01 Worlds Apart – Honesty, Neutrality, Deceipt – and the greatest of these is…

Season 30 Begins!

There are three tribes:

* White Collar, Yellow, Masaya Tribe – Carolyn, Joaquin, Max, So, Shirin, and Tyler

* Blue Collar, Blue, Escamerca Tribe – Mike, Lindsey, Dan, Kelley, Rodney, Sierra

* No Collar, Red, Nagarote – Jenn, Hali, Vince, Will, Nina, Joseph

The trucks drive in and the tribes imerge and leaders are chosen for the first task.  Joanquin & So from the Yellow tribe, Dan & Mike from the Blue tribe, and Will & Jenn from the Red tribe.  When they get back to their camps these two people are tasked with going to make the first tribe decision.  Each group must choose between Deceipt which equals a small bag of beans and a clue to the idol and Honesty which equals a large bag of beans  Blue and Red teams go with honesty and bring back the large bag of beans to share with the tribe.  The Yellow team goes with deceipt and tells the tribe they had a choice of deceipt, honesty and neutral and they choose neutral.  The tribe didn’t buy it..

Challenge – Each team must race down a ramp, through an obstacle and unlock/untie to open a box to get a ladder.  They will use the ladder to go through another obstacle and to reach a bag holding puzzle pieces.  The tribe has a choice of a 5 piece big picture puzzle, a 10 piece visual puzzle, and a 50 piece straight forward puzzle.

In the end the race is between the blue and no collar tribes working on the 10 piece puzzle and the white collar tibe working on the 50 piece puzzle.  No collar wins!  Blue collar comes in second and white collar is sent to tribal council

Tribal – It comes down to voting out Carolyn because she is weaker and older or So because she lied and has a strong alliance to Joaquin  In the end Carolyn wins and So is sent home as the first Survivor out.

We voiced our opinions on the show now we want to hear what you think – leave us a comment here on the blog, call us at 234-525-1549, email us at show@armchairsurvivor.com, or post a message on Facebook.

Welcome back Armchair Survivor Family!  We look forward to another fun season with you.

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2014.12.20 San Juan Del Sur – Season Finale

If you had any doubts about this season, we’d like to thank Reid for giving us the best bang for the finale buck one could give.  Of course, we liked this season and found some rather intriguing comparisons like how Missy wanted you to think one thing about her and Keith had no control over what you knew about him.  In the end, we enjoyed this season and look forward to next season.

We have only one question, though:  What was this face all about?









Have a great holiday season and a successful new year.  The tribe has spoken.

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2014.11.16 San Juan Del Sur – Farting At The Hilton

Marji and Mike discuss the different aspects of why THIS “Blood -vs- Water” is a good season or not.  Does having loved ones on board bring out yucky stuff?  Should un-married couples be allowed to be “couples” on the show?  Is it OK to fart at the Hilton?

Watch Survivor and comment on our web site or on our voice mail (234-525-1549).

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2014.11.02 San Juan Del Sur – The Power In Couples

Mike is doing the show solo and outside in the elements with only one piece of Halloween candy on which to survive — but the show must go on.

Now that there are no celebrities and there are still couples left in the game do you think being a couple can be beneficial to others enough for others to keep around?  Listen.  Share.  Feedback.  Then, watch more Survivor on CBS.

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2014.10.26 San Juan Del Sur – Parenting In Survivor

If you were on Survivor Blood -vs- Water, all else being equal, would you vote out a parent or a kid from a couple?  Why?

Marji and Mike discuss this and other pressing social issues having to do with Survivor.  We take your calls, too.

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