2016-10-16 — TigerMoms

Success in life not always successful in Survivor

We talk through some generational, or are they just general, differences:

  • Tigermom vs. blunt vs. bossy vs. just condescending vs. would it work if it came from a man
  • For the good of the team or stupidity
  • Is he already writing the next chapter of the story and we don’t know what that is
  • Do people act and behave based on their birth year more or based on their learning / acting styles with which they are born

Tell us what you think – please comment and tell us your thoughts on Survivor, the show and our opinions. Thank you for listening and sharing Survivor with us.

Yes, we experienced audio issues.

2016-10-09 — The Beat Down Generation

This week we discussed how, perhaps, it’s not just the Generation X or the Millennials that are the “cautious” ones or the “unsafe” ones, rather it is the adult generations that second youngest who has been beat down enough to stop dreaming and trying to think outside the box.  By contrast, maybe the third youngest generation recovers from the beat down and may have started to dream again.  Let us know what you think.

2016-10-02 — Everyone Gets A Turn (To Be Berated)

This week we discuss the fact that everyone gets a chance to have his or her generation crapped on by the one before.  There are actually three generations in this particular season of Survivor:  Millennials, Generations X and (thanks to Jeff Probst’s being there) Baby Boomers.

We take on the position of Jeff, as an observer but yet associated with the show, offer surprise, wonder and commentary — just as he did — with what unfolded between the other two generations.

It’s amazing how nothing is really now — and for those who are Baby Boomers, many of the criticisms seem very familiar — it was pretty much the same stuff we had said about us from Traditionalists or Silent Generation.  Slightly different specifics (e.g. the pill instead of the phone) but it’s basically the same.

According to Google (hate to admit it but we find them a little more credible with this kind of information than Mark Burnett) this is the map of the generations.

iGen, Gen Z or Centennials:  Born 1996 and later.
Millennials or Gen Y:  Born 1977 to 1995.
Generation X:  Born 1965 to 1976.
Baby Boomers:  Born 1946 to 1964.
Traditionalists or Silent Generation:  Born 1945 and before.

This will probably come in handy for future discussions on this show.